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We Are the World Haiti

Here is the newst version of We are the World in support of Haiti.


This is the Christian Hip Hop artist Lecrae and this is his Haiti Relief music video tribute. Click on his image and it will take you there.


Pix of Haitian President

Haitian President Rene Preval and US President Barak Obama.

Here is a link form the Herald Tribune updating us on the Haitian hope, The president has moved back into the presidential building and is having visitors.

So, I know the news has died down in Haiti but as I leave this semester, I want people to know that there is still a lot of work that will have to be done.

I have a friend going to Haiti in May so keep praying for everybody!


I will try to keep sending updates till the end. Here a link that will take you to Anderson Coopers 360 latest from the UN.

So,  I know I dedicated this whole blog to Haiti Relief but as Haiti stuff is becoming more news of the past, more earthquakes are occuring. Looking back, we had Haiti, then Chile, shortly after Sumantra and the Philipines.  It’s been a crazy year for Earthquake. I wonder what countries next…..

Is there too much coverage of the earthquakes, does it seem real? Check out this video and a tell me what you think. In case you didn’t know, there have been over 50 earthquakes reported. Possibly over a hundred by the time this came out.

In other news this week former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton went to Haiti reminding people not to forget about Haiti. There is still much work to be done….

Haiti now Chile!!!!

After the devastating news of Haiti and it’s earthquake, Chile has it’s own.

This is just crazy. According to a news story I saw last night there is no connection between the two earthquakes. It’s just so bizarre that another earthquake would hit. It makes me wonder about weather or not there will be another one. Oddly enough I think there will be. I don’t know if it will be sooner than later but I have a feeling another will come somewhere. I’m not trying to be negative but if you’re a believer in the “end times” then you already know what the Bible says about it. It’s a very scary thought. It’s crazy because we go through this world thinking we are invincible and taking one another for granted. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone……. something to think about.

American Idol gives back.

American Idol Season 8 winner went to Haiti

The Old We Are The World